MetaTechnik. Huh? What? Check it . . . Meta-Tech-nik.

Meta means "beyond" in Latin and Technik is technology in German. Are we a German company? Kinda. Do we speak Latin? No. We really like beer though.

Just to make it a little more obscure, we are a music production facility. Yep. We compose and produce original music for TV, Advertising and Film, and we write really hooky pop music. And if that's not enough, we're also really good at producing electronic dance music.

Why MetaTechnik? Well, when we opened, 2 of the 3 of us were younger, and all of us a tad green. We still suffered from post college vocabulary words. It was the early 2000s. It made sense to attempt to be "clever". . . at 23.

Now that we are older (and way more cool) we realized, "Wow! That was a weird name to give our music company." But ya know, it IS a weird name. And we are sorta weird. It's orginal. Plus the term "meta" is definitely having a comeback. So we're sticking with it. It's also fun to say once you get it down. Meta-Tech-nik!

Now that we got that squared away, here's the rest of the story (in serious "third person" tone):

MetaTechnik is the evident result of musical soul mates Georg Bissen and Victoria Wallace, both music professionals with a combined experience of over 2 decades in the music industry. The duo first found each other while they were composing and engineering at commercial music production companies in NYC. Drawn to each other by their shared passion and profound understanding of popular music, they first formed a studio project, Balm, which they refer to as, “a strong sound that moves people emotionally and has a dramatic sound that truly captivates, encompassing both of our unique backgrounds in composition, songwriting and musical taste”. As Balm progressed the duo also began to co-compose commercial pieces and jingles in advertising winning campaigns competing against long time music veterans.

The duo then branched off and launched their own music production and licensing company, MetaTechnik - which currently has two offices in New York and Los Angeles. At MetaTechnik, Bissen and Wallace have produced award-winning music for over 200 major national and international television shows and commercials. They have earned a reputation in the industry for breathing a youthful, pop centric energy into every piece they compose, while also encompassing a tasteful elegance and sophistication. They have written songs commissioned by brands such as Miller Beer, McDonald's or Kay Jewelers for their ad campaign – in genres of rock, rap, hip hop and pop, and they had hundreds of pieces of music placed on TV shows, on networks such as Bravo, MTV and Nickelodeon, including 2 TV show themes. Clients continue to call on MetaTechnik to compose original unique creations for their adverts, TV shows and Films. Due to this fact, their work is heard by tens of millions of people every week.

As their careers in producing popular music has flourished and blossomed, the duo continues to collaborate to write and produce pop songs for new and established artists. Bissen’s remixes (often alongside long-time dance music collaborator Victor Dinaire) appear on over 2 dozen major label and Top 40 releases, including Major Lazer, M83, and The Black Eyed Peas, while he has also had close to 100 releases in 8 years as an artist in his own right.  Wallace’s vocals appear on numerous albums and singles, and the two have also released their own combined records and singles. MetaTechnik’s productions have appeared on over 40 record labels, including every one of the majors, and have been featured on over 100 compilations.

Bissen and Wallace’s mission is to compose great catchy pop songs, themes and compositions, with hooks and melodies you will whistle and hum for years to come and to create a unique yet familiar sound that separates them from the mass and is distinctively only MetaTechnik.