At MetaTechnik we pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for artists and labels. From complete songwriting and full-fledged album production, start-to-finish, to collaborating with artists to fulfill their vision, or simply polishing and mastering an almost finished project, we work with love and dedication on every last detail until the project has reached its fullest potential. An innate and natural understanding of music and uncompromising attention to detail and years of experience creates some of the best written and produced records one can find anywhere in the world. Every artist who has stepped foot into MetaTechnik's studio has developed a long-lasting relationship with the company, due to our direct communication and successful execution of the artist's vision. Once you're hooked you won't want to leave.

At MetaTechnik we have also created over 50 remixes for some of the biggest artists in the world. Our remixes get constant radio mixshow support, such as the syndicated "Remix Top 30", which airs weekly in over 60 terrestrial markets in the US, or "Weekend Kickoff" on 103.5 KTU in New York City. Some remixes (most notably Ruth B's "Lost Boy") have been on regular rotation across CHR stations nationwide as well.

Please check out a sampling of our work and diverse clientele below.